A data model for paleontological species occurances

 Conceptual List of Entities 

All Entities in the model are listed below in conceptual groups with brief descriptions. Color codes follow the e-r diagram. Descriptions should not be considered definitive definitions of scope of entity.

Part of ModelEntity NameBrief description
TaxonomyTYPE_TAXONTaxonomic group that is the type for a group of higher rank
TaxonomyHIGHER_TAXONTaxonomic group of rank Genus or higher
TaxonomyPROPOSED_COMBINATIONSpecies rank name
TaxonomyUNAVAILIBLEA Species name that is unavailible under the rules of the ICZN
TaxonomyINVALID_PUBLISHEDA Species name that is Avialible, but considered Invalid
TaxonomyVALIDA species name that is considered valid
TaxonomyORIGINAL_FORM_OF_SPECIES_NAMEThe original form and spelling of a species name
TaxonomyNOMENCLATORIAL_ACTAny use of a species name that could form an entry in a synonomy
OccuranceOCCURANCEA report of a species having been found in some provenance
OccuranceOBJECT_VOUCHEROccurance records based upon collections objects
OccuranceLITERATURE_VOUCHEROccurance records based upon literature citations
VouchersIDENTIFICATIONThe assignment of a species name to a collections object
VouchersCASTA physical copy of a Collections Object
VouchersCOLLECTIONS_OBJECTA physical object such as a fossil held in a paleontological museum collection
VouchersFOSSIL_ON_SLIDE_(XY)An individual fossil located on a microscope slide through X Y coordinates
VouchersFOSSIL_ON_SLABA fossil located on a particular part of a slab of rock
VouchersFOSSIL_ON_GRIDDED_SLIDEA fossil located in a particular grid square of a microscope slide
VouchersLOTA collections object that has been taken to at least stage 3 (sorted) of the collections continuum
VouchersPART_OF_ASSOCIATIONA collections object that is part of an associated set of fossils
VouchersSLABA lithified rock bearing fossils
VouchersSLIDEA microscope slide bearing one or more fossils
VouchersSPECIMEN_COMPONENTA Collections object that is part of a fossil collected or present in more complete form
VouchersSTORAGE_LOCATIONRepository or place in a repository where a collections object is found
VouchersSUBSET_OF_LARGER_OBJECTA collections object that is part of a larger collections object such as a particular fossil on a slab
VouchersTRAYA collections object consisting of a set of specimens in a specimen tray, box, or similar container
VouchersAUTHORAn author of a publication
VouchersAUTHOR_PUB_ASSOCIATIONAssociative entity relating authors and publications.
VouchersBOOKBibliographic reference to a book
VouchersBOOK_PUB_ASSOCIATIONAssociative entity relating books to publishers
VouchersCITATIONEntity relating publications to references to that publication in various contexts
VouchersCOLLECTING_EVENT_CITATIONAssociative entity relating collecting events to publications
VouchersELEC_PUB_ASSOCIATIONAssociative entity relating electronic publications to publishers
VouchersELECTRONIC_PUBLICATIONA publication in some non-traditional electronic form
VouchersJOURNAL_ARTICLEBibliographic reference to an individual article in a serial publication
VouchersJOURNAL_OR_SERIESThe name of a serial publication
VouchersKEYWORDA word or phrase in a controlled vocabulary that is used to identify the subject matter of a publication
VouchersLANGUAGEThe language in which a publication is written
VouchersLOCALITY_CITATIONAn associative entity relating Earth Surface Features to Publications
VouchersMON_PUB_ASSOCIATIONAssociative entity relating monographs to publishers
VouchersMONOGRAPHBibliographic reference to a monograph
VouchersOBJECT_CITATIONAssociative entity relating publications to collections objects for reasons other than taxonomy
VouchersOTH_PUB_ASSOCIATIONAssociative entity relating Other Publications to Publishers
VouchersOTHER_PUBLICATIONBibliographic reference to an unpublished work or a form of publication other than a Book, Journal Article, or Monograph
VouchersPART_OF_PUBLICATIONA publication that is part of another publication
VouchersPUBLICATIONA bibliographic reference to a published or unpublished work
VouchersPUBLICATION-KEYWORD_ASSOCIATIONAn associative entity relating Publications to Keywords
VouchersPUBLISHER_OR_UNIVERSITYThe publisher of a book, monograph or Other Publication
VouchersSTRATIGRAPHIC_CONTEXT_CITATIONAssociative entity relating publications to collecting events
VouchersTAXONOMIC_CITATIONA subtype of citation that relates names applied to collections objects to publications using those names
InterpretationsINTERPRETIVE_INFORMATIONInformation related to a species name
InterpretationsCHARACTERCharacters and Character states describing the morphology of a species
InterpretationsBIOLOGICALInformation concerning the biology of a species
InterpretationsPALEOENVIRONMENTAL_INFORMATIONInformation concerning the paleoenvironmental setting of a lithostratigraphic unit
InterpretationsINTERPRETATIONPaleoenvrironmental interpretations related to lithostratigraphic units
InterpretationsLITHOLOGYData concerning the lithologies found in lithostratigraphic units
InterpretationsINT_COM_PUB_ASSOCIATIONAssociative Entity Relating Proposed Combiniations with Interpretive Information and Publications
InterpretationsPUB_PALE_LITH_ASSOCIATIONAssociative Entity Relating Lithostratigraphic Units with Paleoenvrironmental Information and Publications
ProvenanceSUBSTRATE_TYPEConditons reported from the collecting site of a recent sample
Provenance1D_LOCATIONA linear distance
Provenance3D_LOCATIONLocation on the surface of the Earth recorded as Latitude, Longitude, and altitude in meters using a specified datum
ProvenanceAUTHORITYSource for information indicating that a collecting event came from a particular stratigraphic context
ProvenanceBIOSTRATIGRAPHIC_ZONEAn interval of geologic time
ProvenanceCOLL_STRAT_ASSOCIATIONAssociative entity relating collecting events to their geological context
ProvenanceCOLLECTING_EVENTThe act of collecting a set of collections objects at a particular place and time.
ProvenanceCOMPLEX_SPATIAL_OBJECTA spatial object that is not defined by a simple geometry
ProvenanceEARTH_SURFACE_FEATUREA geographic location on or near the surface of the Earth
ProvenanceEARTH_POSITION_COMPOSITEA region in three dimensional space defined by a set of bounding locations
ProvenanceGEOCHRONOLOGIC_ZONEAn interval of time corresponding to a biostratigraphic Zone
ProvenanceGEOCHRONOLOGIC_EPOCHAn interval of time of rank Epoch
ProvenanceGEOCHRONOLOGIC_AGEAn interval of time of rank Age
ProvenanceGEOCHRONOLOGIC_ERAAn interval of time of rank Era
ProvenanceGEOCHRONOLOGIC_PERIODAn interval of time of rank Period
ProvenanceGEOGRAPHIC_FEATUREA named Earth surface feature such as a hill or river
ProvenanceGEOLOGIC_PROVINCEA large region with a bedrock geology that shares a common large-scale tectonic history
ProvenanceGEOPOLITICAL_FEATUREA region on the surface of the Earth delimited by political boundaries such as a county, state, or town
ProvenanceGEOPOLITICAL_ASSOCIATIONAssociative entity relating two Geopolitical Features in a parent-child relationship (this includes both nesting relationships, such as towns within counties, and temporal relationships such as name changes)
ProvenanceLEGAL_SURVEY_2D_LOCATIONA location on the surface of the Earth specified by Latitude and Longitude
ProvenanceLITHOSTRATIGRAPHIC_SUPERGROUPA formally named body of rock of rank supergroup
ProvenanceLITHOSTRATIGRAPHIC_GROUPA formally named body of rock of rank group
ProvenanceLITHOSTRATIGRAPHIC_UNITA formally named body of rock
ProvenanceLITHOSTRATIGRAPHIC_FORMATIONA formally named body of rock of rank formation
ProvenanceLITHOSTRATIGRAPHIC_MEMBERA formally named body of rock of rank member
ProvenanceLITHOSTRATIGRAPHIC_BEDA horizon or informally named body of rock of rank bed
ProvenanceLOCATIONA linear distance or a point on the surface of the Earth
ProvenanceORIGINAL_LOCALITY_DESCRIPTIONThe verbatim text of the description of a locality where a collecting event occurred
ProvenanceOUTCROPAn exposure of rock at the surface of the earth where one or more collecting events have taken place
ProvenancePOINTA point on the surface of the Earth
ProvenanceREGIONA simple geometric region on the surface of the earth defined by a center and one or two linear distances such as a circle, square, or ellipse
ProvenanceSEA_LEVEL_CYCLEAn interval of time identified within a sequence stratigraphic scheme
ProvenanceSIMPLE_SPATIAL_OBJECTA simple geometric spatial object
ProvenanceSPATIAL_OBJECTA point or region in space
ProvenanceSTRATIGRAPHIC_CONTEXTThe temporal and/or lithostratigraphic context of a collecting event
ProvenanceTEMPORAL_OBJECTA point or interval of geologic time
ProvenanceTEMPORAL_PERIODA formal interval of geologic time
ProvenanceTEMPORAL_EVENTA point in geologic time
ProvenanceWELLA hole drilled into the surface of the Earth

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A datamodel for Paleontological Species Occurances
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