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 Gully Behind Skull Cliff 
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You are standing on the side of a small drainage eroded into the tundra, looking in the direction of the green arrow. You are part way up the cliff as shown by the blue arrow.

There is something visible on the side of the gully wall. It appears to be a pod of fossil shells.
View up Gully at jbg 20 shelly gravel pod in tuap
  Look closer at the fossils.

From here you can:
Go back down gully towards the beach.
Climb up gully wall.
Go further up gully.
jbg sect 20 beach jbg section 65 beach chukchi sea up gully at jbg65 up gully at jbg 20 tuap and karmuk at jbg 65 karmuk at jbg 20 Cretaceous Nualvik tuap karmuk fines peat

Sources: See beginning of trip.
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