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You are standing about 3/4 of the way up the cliff (dark blue arrow), looking in the direction of the green arrow. This is near the base of your trench (light blue arrow).

Burrow in sands in upper Karmuk at jbg 20

Sands with trace fossils

This portion of the section is composed of sands with trace fossils. Traces include both large horizontal burrows and smaller vertical burrows. The large vertical structures visible in this picture are marks made by the rock hammer while the trench was being dug.

The sediments in the top half of this picture are primarily sands. Most of these beds are sands with a medium grain size. The darker layers are similar sands with what appears to be a higher concentration of organic matter. The darker sediments in the bottom half of the picture are interbedded mudrocks and sands, thus there is more sand and an increase in grain size up the section.

Close up of burrow

Detail of a 2cm diameter burrow with wall lining.

jbg sect 20 beach jbg section 65 beach chukchi sea up gully at jbg65 up gully at jbg 20 tuap and karmuk at jbg 65 karmuk at jbg 20 Cretaceous Nualvik tuap karmuk fines peat

Sources: See beginning of trip.
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