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You are standing about 3/4 of the way up the cliff (blue arrow), looking in the direction of the green arrow.

The sediments exposed here are poorly consolidated interbedded sands, silts, and mudrocks. You dig a trench to expose a fresh face. In this trench can be seen a sequence from an erosional contact, up through mudrocks with fossil molluscs, to sands with trace fossils. The angular unconformity with the underlying folded sediments is visible in the lower left corner of the picture.

Karmuk at section 20
You can look at:
The sands at top of section.
The shell bed in section.
Shells near bottom of section.
The contact at bottom of section.
From here you can:
Climb down into the gully.
Climb up to top of cliff.
Tuaptuashack Pick Sample Bag Fine grain Sediments Basal part of Karmuk Middle of Karmuk Top of Karmuk Opposite wall of Gully jbg sect 20 beach jbg section 65 beach chukchi sea up gully at jbg65 up gully at jbg 20 tuap and karmuk at jbg 65 karmuk at jbg 20 Cretaceous Nualvik tuap karmuk fines peat

Sources: See beginning of trip.
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