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 Fossil Logjam? 
Plants in K sediments

Plants in Cretaceous Sediments at base of Skull Cliff

This horizon in the Cretaceous sandstone is covered with plant fossils. Specifically, these look like fossilized bits of trees - large branches and small logs.

logjam in a flooded river


A possible modern analog for this accumulation can be seen in this log jam in a river in West Virginia. This suggests that channel and overbank deposits might be a suitable depositional setting to consider for the Cretaceous rocks at the base of Skull Cliff.

Plant lag in Permian Channel

Here is an older fossil example: This is plant debris found as a lag at the base of a channel in Permian non-marine rocks.

log at base of channel fill

Log at base of Permian channel fill

In the center of this picture is a coalified log in situ at the base of a sandy channel fill in a Permian non-marine fluvial deposit.

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