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 Channel and Overbank 

Labeled Meander and OverbankMeandering streams cut a channel into a flood plain and deposit several characteristic sediments. Most notable of these are 1) channel fill sediments left by point bars that are deposited in the slowly moving water on the inside of bends and 2) the overbank deposits. Ovebank deposits are primaraly soils developed in fine grained sediments draped on the floodplain during floods. Examples of point bars at several scales are shown below.

Point bar in little stave creekA point bar in a small creek in Alabama.

Point bar in YellowstoneA point bar in a meandering stream in Yellowstone.

Point bar in columbia river from scablands floodsAn aerial view of a point bar produced by late Pleistocene floods in the Columbia River in Washington.

Both Paleocene and Late Cretaceous sediments in Eastern Montana are composed of sediments derived from meandering rivers. They are composed of crossbedded sand bodies (channel fill) that cut into fine grained sediments with variously developed paleosols.

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