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 The Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary At Iridium Hill, Garfield County, Montana 

Map of Montana

This fieldtrip will take you to Garfield County in Eastern Montana, USA.

Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? This has long been a subject for debate among paleontologists. Since the proposal in 1980 that a large meteorite caused global climate changes and thus killed off the dinosaurs, extinction theory has become an extremely active research area in paleontology. One of the key field areas early in this debate was in Garfield County, Montana. In the northern part of Garfield county erosion from the Missouri river has created badlands. These badlands expose rocks that record the extinction of the dinosaurs. This trip will take you to a locality known as Iridium Hill in the badlands of Garfield County.

Iridium Hill and Moralis 1
Explore the region around Iridum Hill

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