These are sediments that filled this part of the channel. They are poorly sorted, containing grains as small as clays and as large as several centimeters.

A Bivalve:This is a fossil freshwater clam. It is a member of the living family Unionidae.

A Gastropod:This is a fossil freshwater snail. It is a member of the living family Viviparidae.

Hammer: This is a geologist's rock hammer. It is included in the photograph as a scale.

Ironstone: These are rocks that have been cemented by ironoxides. Minerals composed of iron oxides, such as rust, often have this reddish brown color.

Overbank: Soils developed on the floodplain of the stream.

Stream Channel: The stream erodes this channel into the overbank deposits as it meanders accross the floodplain.

Point Bar: Fine grained sediments are deposited here on the inside of meander bends in the stream. This forms a point bar. Sediments in a pointbar are often crossbeded sands.

Cutbank: Fast moving water on the outside of a meander bend erode into the overbank deposits to form this cutbank

Trees: These are trees growing on the rich soils of the floodplain.

Sky: You clicked on the sky.

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