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Wise owl site of the month: 2000 July
"in recognition of exemplary design and educational excellence."
Sheltie Site of the Week: 2000 Dec 1
The internet Sheltie collection: Sheltie Site of the Week: Do you find genetics difficult? Then this
is the site for you! Athro Limited has
succeeded in making genetics both fun
and easy. Try their interactive calculator.
Simply choose the colors of the parents
and click 'Produce litter'. It is fun, and
along the way you will learn the basics in
genetics. Once you get hooked, there is
lots and lots more to investigate. Truly
worth your valuable surfingtime!
See: Sheltie Coat Color Genetics
Selected by Science Educators sciLinks from NSTA
Pages listed by the
National Science Teachers Association's sciLinks
program for "accurate content and effective pedagogy"
2000 Dec 29

The Panda's ThumbHuman eye color inheritance;
Metaphors for Geologic Time Interpreting Geologic Sections;
Meanings of UniformityK-T boundary geologic field trip;
Meanings of "Genetic"

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