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 Iridium Hill 

The Cretaceous -Tertiary Boundary At Iridium Hill, Garfield County, Montana

Image of Iridium Hill and Moralis 1

The hill in the background of this photograph is known as Iridium Hill. The bands on the side of the hill are layers of rock of different ages that span the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs. You can click on any part of the image to explore this area, or you can use the stratigraphic section to the right to explore the layers of rock (see below). The stratigraphic section is a schematic drawing of the the layers of rock as you would see if you climbed straight up the side of Iridium Hill.

Stratigraphic Section

This is a geologic section of the rocks exposed near Iridium Hill. You can click on any part of the image to examine rocks exposed in that part of the section. This section will also appear in the frame on the right side of the screen in each page of this trip. You may use this section to navigate through geologic time. Stuff near the bottom of the section is older, stuff near the top is younger. You can click on different parts of the section to look more closely at rocks on and near Iridium Hill from that bit of time.

You may use the buttons in the frame at the bottom of the screen to navigate. This area is also used by the online glossary. To restore the buttons after viewing a glossary entry click on the the link Buttons in the frame in the lower right corner.

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